About Susanna

Leap! And the net will be provided…

I have always been a spirited and spiritual person, leaving college at twenty to hitchhike around the country to find myself. I found myself indeed when I was hired to work in the film industry in Florida. That was the beginning of my twenty-two year career as a Set Decorator inthe film business.

Over the years I worked on many well-known feature films and
television shows. My claim to fame was as the Set Decorator
on the acclaimed television series, “Sex & The City”, establishing the
well-known look of the show.

In my thirties, though my career was doing well, personally I was not
happy. I was searching for happy endings and joy. I felt I had tried
everything in my power to bring me happy results without success, so I turned to God
and began to focus on my spiritual journey. Once I did that, my life changed entirely.

I was Divinely guided to leave the film business and enter OneSpirit
Interfaith Seminary. As soon as I began my studies I knew that my
entire life had prepared me for ministerial work. All my years and
experience in the film business gave me the knowledge necessary for creating
captivating and inspiring ceremonies, and my spiritual
journey gave me the tools and empathy I now offer others.

Once ordained I was offered a deeply rewarding position as Pastoral
Counselor for Greyston Health Services, a day program for people
living with AIDS/HIV. Eighteen fulfilling months passed before being
guided, once again, to take a leap. During the spring of 2003 I met a
wonderful man at a workshop in Cleveland. We fell deeply in love and
though we never had any idea how our lives would come together, we
trusted that they would. In the fall of 2005, we received an abundance
of clear signs that I should move to Cleveland. So I packed my bags
and moved to Northeastern Ohio, starting a whole new life once again.

What a joy it has been to join my love and build
a life together. I am very happy to report that this
wonderful man, David Bradford, and I were happily
married in a profound and joyous ceremony.

So I say…Leap! The net will be provided,
and love, joy and fulfillment will follow.