Baby Ceremonies

A baby ceremony welcomes your precious one into this world and offers it the blessings and support of its community of family and friends. Your precious little baby will be welcomed into this world and, on a soul level, your baby will receive a sense of belonging, acceptance and love.

Your baby’s ceremony will reflect your values, celebrate your joy, and honor this precious being that is your child. When surrounded by the prayers and best wishes of your family and friends, this new life is thereby blessed!


Susanna, Thank you for one of the most beautiful days of my life.
It was pure magic and it touched our hearts forever.

Christian, Nikolai, & Phoenix


Hi Reverend Susanna!

Everyone loved the ceremony! : )  A lot of our relatives called me the day after just to say again how lovely everything was. Thank you again for such a beautiful ceremony!

Love,    Katy, Mark & PJ