Closure Rituals

Divorce and Releasing An Old Relationship

There are times when a person has done all they can do to find closure, but it seems to elude them. If you are in that experiecne now, a Closure Ritual can cut the energetic cord that keeps you tied to the past.

The load that you’ve been carrying is finally released
and you are free, you can breath easier, you can move on. What a relief. What a joy.

Closure rituals can be used for cutting the ties to relationships, jobs, eras of our lives.
To be free is to move forward.

“Hear the words of the dancing God,
the music of whose laughter stirs the winds,
whose voice calls the seasons.
Within me, all beginnings have endings,
and all endings have beginnings.”
Charge of the God
(author unknown)

“May we beat the drum of freedom. May we be as big as we have it in us to be.”
Ken Kesey