House Blessings

When a home is filled with harmony it is a place of peace and renewal, a sanctuary to recharge and renew. Bless your home with energy that supports your life and your dreams. Your home will be filled with loving energy and negativity that has taken residence in your home will be cleared and transformed.

House Blessings are wonderful for people moving into a new house to rid the house of negativity energies from the previous inhabitants and bring in benevolent and supportive energy. For those whose home for one reason or another, isn’t as warm and welcoming as it used to be, a House Blessing is also wonderful.

The home is a mirror for our lives and once the energy block is lifted in the home, it will also be lifted in our lives. It’s powerful and transforming. House Blessings are also life-changing for those who still live in the same house but are hoping their life takes a new direction. It’s a great gift idea!

“The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the wall of our own homes.

Harold B. Lee

“I really appreciated your presence and sensitivity. My house feels calm now and I feel more present here.”