Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling is not a requirement,
though I do offer it to interested couples.

My focus as a pre-marital counselor will be to
offer you wonderful tools of effective communication,
and to help you create more and more trust between
you. Good relationships are always evolving and aspire
to continually deepen the trust that is already there, so
that we can be more of our true self with each other,
even with the deepest and most vulnerable parts of our self.

Great communication is at the heart of all great relationships. I will
offer you many wonder tools of good communication so that you will be
able to understand what your partner is needing from you during
conflict. It usually has little to do with what is being spoken, but
lies underneath. With good communication, your defenses will not be
engaged, and you will be able to hear what your partner needs, and you
will be able to speak what you truly need, in ways your partner will
be able to listen to you.

During the sessions your focus will be engaged in creating a mutual
vision and shared expectations of the significant areas of your future
life together. I will give you both a questionnaire which will help
you focus on creating goals or intentions for your marriage both
individually and as a team.

Together, we will look at all the good aspects of you two as a team
and see how we can build upon them. We’ll also look at the weaker
aspects and see how they can be fortified so you both benefit.

You will gather up tools and life rafts for when times get tough, and
you will have wonderful reminders of what it is that is the good stuff
that brought you together in the first place.

For spiritual couples, we’ll look at your relationship spiritually and
how you best, as a couple, can invoke Divine guidance, knowledge and
union throughout your marriage.

Everyone knows that even the best of marriages can be really hard at
times. Your desire to access tools that will strengthen your love
shows that both of you are truly committed to creating a strong
partnership together. How wonderful!