3 Tips

3 Tips For A Romantic Wedding

1.  Romance will rule your day if your focus is on your love for each other. You are so lucky to have found each other. What a gift! Be sure to remember and celebrate this. Keep your love for each other the priority through the planning process. This will make all the difference. Letting the party planning distract you from the real meaning of your day is the biggest romance buster for any wedding.

2.  Enjoy your ceremony together. Focus on each other during your ceremony. If you are looking lovingly at one another, all eyes will be looking upon you lovingly too. Your ceremony, after all, is all about the two of you!

3.  Step into oneness right away by thanking your guests as a couple. Your togetherness will be memorable, and your graciousness will be touching to behold. You can thank guests at your ceremony by going to each person seat by seat and row by row, or you can show your appreciation at your reception by strolling together table by table, person to person. These simple steps will make your wedding more than just another party. It will make yours a wedding to cherish for all.